Inside LDC’s Work Environment Through Company Traditions

LDC team bbq company tradition

2021 has been a year of momentous change for everyone. Including LDC. A growing team, a new company brand, and the celebration of a new tradition. LDC holds the team BBQ and dessert contest each Fourth of July holiday.

Keith Parkan, pitmaster of the roast, calls the event somewhat of a family reunion.

It has always been about giving back and showing appreciation for the people I work with. Creating that family atmosphere.

The BBQ is something Keith’s own family does and a tradition he wanted to bring to LDC to show appreciation for the entire team. He says it’s great to receive monetary appreciation for hard work, but it is essential to create an enjoyable environment beyond just working. 

The lively atmosphere at the BBQ allows all employees to mingle with the partners, team members they don’t work with daily and learn something new about barbecuing. 

Keith built the pit used at the BBQ over five months with a friend and his father in 2017. A marvel that naturally just brings the team together over the excitement and interest in barbecuing.

Time and effort, that’s what barbecue is. It’s something that just draws people together. And gets the entire team involved in the days leading up to the event.



A team effort to prepare for the feast includes all kinds of side dishes and a contest for the best dessert. One of Keith’s favorite parts is talking with his coworkers about what family recipes they brought. 

The best part, though, is talking about the pit. Keith says new people help him cook all the meats each year, and it’s an excellent opportunity for people to learn about barbecuing.

I get to teach people. It’s a great way for me to be a mentor to people outside of just work.

For his coworkers that have never cut barbecue, Keith encourages them to get their feet wet. 

Each year, the memories that stick with Keith include seeing people get involved with something new, smiling for the first time by the pit.

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