LandDev Consulting is Now LDC


LandDev Consulting is changing, and our teams are growing. Yes, the ‘s’ in teams is intentional. It was time our brand grew to reflect this change. Today, LDC offers more services.  

We’ve updated our logo, typeface, colors, and imagery. The arrow in our logo highlights our intentions to continue to move forward. So we’ve expanded our website to show you better who we are.

A couple of highlights include:

  • We explain in greater detail our three areas of expertise: surveying, telecommunications, and land development consulting.
  • We want to show people who we are, and that comes down to our absolutes and our aspirations. Learn more about our people through the new Teams page. 

What’s changed

Rebranding better illustrates our aspirations and how we’ve grown. Today, we are more than just a team of civil engineers focused on land development. LDC will also deliver on your surveying and telecommunications needs.

We want to simplify a complex industry by building a core team that can provide start to finish services for both the private and public sectors. 

Our success comes from our people and the skills they possess within each of these fields as the industry continues to advance. From the plot of land to the finished project, LDC teams provide the key services needed to build the infrastructure that we all depend on every day.

Staying true to ourselves 

With the rebrand, we wanted to have our absolutes be the focus. Without our people, our relationships, and our reputation we would not be successful. 

Our new design simplifies our promise to follow these absolutes while pursuing both our clients and our own aspirations. We wanted to show our customers that we are growing, but haven’t forgotten how we got to this point. We always work with our clients and our teams in mind. 

We welcome you to join our next journey as LDC continues to move forward in the industry while growing our people, our relationships, and our reputation.

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