LDC Offers Internships for Civil Engineering Students in Texas

internship in civil engineering

LDC is expanding its opportunities for students and recent college graduates looking for paid internship positions in civil engineering and land development. 

Our team wants to provide new opportunities for Texas-based talent to learn and grow in the industry. We are an Austin-based company that works with other Texas-based entities on local projects. LDC wants to honor the community by expanding the reach of our expertise to mentor the next generation of civil engineers. 

Our new internship program is an excellent way for students to gain a hands-on understanding of the civil engineering field and experience in the professional space. LDC is a welcoming environment for young and new employees starting out. We want to get to know the next generation of civil engineers.

You can be a civil engineer anywhere globally, but our team members understand that land development is a hyperlocal industry and that the Austin market is unique. By creating an enjoyable and rewarding work environment, LDC’s growth model expands available opportunities for all employees to grow in their careers.

Although LDC is a young company, our leadership is robust and experienced. From the owners and partners to the project managers and designers, we have decades of land development experience to share with the next generation of civil engineers.

The LDC Civil Engineering Internship Experience 

LDC has multiple paid internship positions available each semester for both of our offices in Austin, Texas.

Our team set-up allows students to get hands-on experience with several different employees at different levels of leadership. We emphasize training, mentorship, and gaining ‘on-the-job’  experience while working in a collaborative environment.

We want students to feel confident in their abilities when it comes time for them to enter the professional workforce after graduation.

What sets LDC apart is our company culture and our people. Our team believes in philanthropic giving, employee appreciation, work-life balance, an enjoyable work environment, and mentorship opportunities.

Feel confident knowing that at LDC, you can establish your career as a civil engineer.  Become a member of this team and the community we serve. 

If you are looking for full-time employment opportunities, learn more or apply to open positions on our Careers page.

If you are interested in an internship, apply by emailing your resume and cover letter to  careers@ldcteams.com.

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