Team Insights: LDC Survey Team’s Work Environment Boosts Success and Growth

ldc survey team's work environment

LDC provides both public and private sector clients services in land development, telecommunications, and surveying. Through collaboration, our teams at LDC create an engaging and driven work environment that boosts the success of the company and the individual growth of each team member. Our survey team’s work environment demonstrates this passion for personal and industrial success.  

Ethics Founded on Teamwork

Surveying requires a solid team to execute projects. At LDC, each of our survey team members accomplishes specific functions that work in tandem with each other. This collaborative collection of data enables our team to draft and produce maps successfully.

Most of the projects at LDC deal with large tracks of raw land, later developed into residential, retail, healthcare, industrial, and other commercial spaces. Translation by our survey team is needed in all types of projects. These types of projects allow all three of LDC’s teams to work in conjunction to build telecommunication, water and waste, and urban infrastructure.

At LDC, the surveying department is really in line and reflective of the other teams at LDC as a whole. Our team is a manifestation of the collaborative, eager-to-learn, and innovative environment at LDC.  -Ernesto Navarrete

As Central Texas continues to grow and innovate rapidly, the demand for surveying services remains at an all-time high. Client expectations are also increasing in regards to the value of work and the efficiency of our team. 

Survey team members include young but experienced professionals. LDC’s set-up allows for more collaboration and active communication between the company’s three pillars (land development, surveying, and telecommunications) when working on projects. The collaborative work environment at LDC speeds up timelines while easing any potential problems through quick mitigations. 

Work Fueled by Passion

LDC’s survey team is excited about the work they do. Based on the projects completed by LDC, there is an exciting opportunity for the survey team to work with areas of land that have remained untouched for decades.

One of my favorite parts is dealing with large tracks of land that haven’t been surveyed since the 1940s. There is a lot of history in what we do. Surveying goes back to the 1800s in Texas. Part of the duty of a surveyor is to ‘follow the footsteps of the original surveyor,’ and we literally do that for several of our clients. Nothing is better when you are surveying a plot of 400 acres, last mapped in the 1930s, and the accuracy in distances between identifiers is spot on.

The survey team members are passionate about their work and building stronger communities as Central Texas continues to expand. 

Individual Growth Through Team Mentorship

The survey team at LDC is a close group with a great mix of experience. With nearly 100 years of practical application experience, our team provides guidance and mentorship to the younger members while our newer members bring knowledge of the latest technology. This combination creates a collaborative mentoring environment with clear paths for individual growth. Additionally, team members receive guidance for technical trade and safety while working in the field. 

The attention to detail and eagerness to work and learn displayed by this team makes them incredible to work with.

LDC’s survey team knows the land surveying profession is aging. LDC has created immense opportunities for young surveyors and mappers wanting to grow in the surveying profession. One of the reasons our survey team’s work environment stands out is the emphasis on mentoring and building skills in our people. It is crucial for LDC to foster community interests and protect its employees.

Survey Services at LDC

LDC’s survey team of registered professional land surveyors, design technicians, and field personnel focuses on accurately collecting and processing the baseline data required to establish the solid foundation needed for successful project delivery. 

We fulfill our clients’ survey needs through:

  • Boundary Surveys
  • Topographic Design Surveys
  • Tree Surveys
  • ALTA Land Title Surveys
  • Subdivision Plats
  • ROW Surveys
  • Utility Route Surveys
  • Deed Research
  • As-Built Surveys
  • Utility Location and Mapping
  • Geospatial Analysis
  • Subsurface Asset Location and Inventory
  • Construction Staking
  • Route Staking

Working in tandem with our land development and telecommunications teams improves our productivity. It raises the standard of our work while easing any potential problems through collaborative mitigations and concise communication. We invite you to learn more about our teams and the process behind our services

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