Project Type: Office Commercial

Vega Office

The Vega Office project is a 4.2-acre office project in southwest Austin. The site is permitted for an approximate 35,000 square feet office building in the environmentally sensitive Barton Spring watershed and TCEQ Contributing Zone. Our team worked through various agreement letters and ordinances that grandfathered the tract to achieve a 40% impervious cover allowance rather than the typical 25% impervious cover allowance over the Contributing Zone in the Barton Springs Zone. To achieve the non-degradation water quality requirements required in the Barton Springs Zone, we designed a retention re-irrigation water quality pond along with a detention pond to mitigate the increased stormwater flows.

Project Scope:
  • Preliminary Engineering

  • Civil Engineering Permitting

  • Site Plan Revision

  • Construction Phase Services


Austin, Texas


Cadence 600, LP & 5901 Vega Avenue, LLC

Our Role

Primary Civil Engineering

Project Type

Office Commercial

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